How to Style a Jean Jacket

To all my Free People lovers out there: the new Free People jean jacket is all time. I love the over sized fit and perfect light blue denim. Jean jackets are coming back in a big way, and there are tons of ways to wear them. Today I matched it with a good pair of Madewell high waisted black skinnies, a Madewell crop top, and Jeffrey Campbell booties. You can do so much with jean jackets. Try them with a cute summer dress, shorts and tank, or a floor length skirt or maxi for more of a Bohemian look.














Capitola Jewels Travels: Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is an awesome city with great night life, shopping, and tons of free stuff to do.

I took a trip during President’s Day Weekend which left me with three full vacation days in a new city. I had been once before when I was in middle school, but had no idea what to expect as an adult. I loved D.C. and can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the city.

Tips on flying into the right area:

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is the closest and is very small and easy to get out of (three miles south of downtown Washington D.C.) It has great views of the monuments during landing and takeoff. Washington Dulles International Airport is about a 35 minute drive to Washington D.C. but oftentimes you can get more flights and cheaper rates. I flew into Washington Dulles and flew out of Ronald Reagan because I was able to get a better deal that way. Main takeaway: either is fine just make sure you are prepared to pay for an uber if you fly into Washington Dulles. As a last case resort you can always do Baltimore/Washington International Airport (aka Thurgood Marshall Airport) but it’s about a 45 minute drive to Washington D.C.

Where to stay in D.C.:

If you plan on walking around a lot you will want to stay in a central location so I would recommend staying somewhere by the White House. For Instance:

  • The W Hotel
  • The JW Marriott (where we stayed)
  • The Willard – 5 star, historic, and upscale

All these hotels are within a few blocks of the Washington Monument which is essentially the center of Washington D.C. To the east and the west there are a plethora of monuments, federal buildings, and museums that you can tour. Depending on when you go, these hotels may be pricey so just stay in that general area and you will be fine.

Here are a few must-see historical sites I was able to visit (*meaning they are free to enter):

  • The Capital*
  • The Supreme Court*
  • The Library of Congress*
  • Lincoln Memorial*
  • The Washington Monument*
  • Arlington Cemetery* – free if you don’t want to take the shuttle tour which I highly recommend paying for. It’s very affordable (about $13 a person). Tour the Arlington House (Robert E. Lee’s home) and ask for a private tour if possible. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip because of all the history that you can almost touch. One of the tour guides took us to the attic and showed us graffiti from 1878. This is a must do!
  • Jefferson Memorial*
  • Lincoln Memorial* – iconic doesn’t even begin to describe the Lincoln Memorial. Go during the day and at night to get two totally different perspectives. Be sure to check out halfway up the steps, right in the center. In that section is an engraving where Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I have a dream” speech.
  • The National Archives* – where the original Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution are on display.
  • Holocaust Museum* – you cannot leave D.C. without visiting this museum. The creators did such an amazing job of breaking your heart and telling such a devastating story, but also uplifting you at the end and showing how love and friendship can conquer anything.









Here are a few things I missed that I want to do next time I visit:

  • Tour the White House – it was not available when I was there but you can pay to tour the White House. I am really bummed it wasn’t available because this is one of my bucket list items.
  • The National Air & Space Museum
  • The National Gallery of Art
  • The Newseum – if you don’t go in (due to the price – about $25 a person) definitely go outside the Museum. It lists the front page of tons of newspapers from around the United States. It was fascinating because it gave you a really interesting perspective of what different states and cities found to be relevant and significant front page articles.


Good restaurants/bars:

  • The W – you must go! You can see the White House from the rooftop bar and the vibe is awesome, drinks are unique, and the cheese board is legendary.
  • Curry and Pie –! Fantastic Indian food and a really nice intimate vibe. A great date spot!
  • Filomena – I couldn’t make it to this place but heard it has great Italian food.
  • The Rye Bar – this place has really good drinks and a nice ambiance
  • Georgetown Cupcake – the line was about thirty people long so I passed. The cupcakes looked incredible though so definitely check them out if the line isn’t too long!

Best shopping:

Georgetown – the only place I had time to shop – but ADORABLE. Such a wonderful place to stroll and shop. A few of my faves:

  • Anthropologie
  • All Saints
  • Free People
  • Lucky Brand
  • Madewell
  • Rag & Bone
  • Rent the Runway
  • The Phoenix

Overall, I loved D.C. because there was so much to do during the day that didn’t cost anything. I brushed up on American history, ate incredible food, and have a ton of great memories. Washington D.C. is one of those places that makes you feel patriotic. The history of our culture is all there in plain site, and I left wanting to see and know more. If you do end up going to D.C., I hope you have a wonderful experience and that some of this might help you. Note: all photos taken by @righteyeimagery.



Surviving a Juice Cleanse – a Beginner’s Guide

Ah, the good ‘ol juice cleanse. Detoxing, losing water weight, clearing up your skin, why not do one, right? Aside from highly restricting your calorie intake and not eating for three days, juicing is awesome. I really mean it. I did the Nekter Juice Bar Advanced Three Day Cleanse and absolutely loved it! After day three I felt thinner, detoxed, five pounds lighter (actually 5.8 to be exact), and ready to keep eating healthy. My favorite thing about the cleanse is that once it is over, the last thing you want to do is eat unhealthy food.

Here are a few survival tips:
1. Focus – get your head in the game – really. If you are committing to this, commit to it. Juice cleanses (especially if you don’t make them yourself) are not cheap and give you the benefits only if you follow the cleanse guidelines. Don’t cheat yourself. Be honest with yourself up front that it is not going to be easy.
2. Know Your Limits – That being said, listen to your body. If you need to eat something clean and healthy – do it! Don’t get so obsessed that you don’t listen to your body. If you really need food, make sure to eat because the cleanse is very calorie restrictive. Just remind yourself not to eat simply because you “miss eating.”
3. Pre-Cleanse – start cleansing before the detox – I totally dropped the ball on this one. I didn’t realize I was supposed to start eating healthy before the cleanse. The woman at Nekter informed me as I was picking up the juices and was going to start the next day. I should have cut back my calories a little and upped my veggies. This made the cleanse slightly harder than it needed to be.
4. Know What You’re Drinking – if you purchase the cleanse – find a good company. Make sure you read the nutrition facts before you buy it. Make sure the ingredients are 100% natural with no added sugars. Don’t waste your money on something that isn’t 100% natural and good for you!
5. Don’t Stop – plan on continuing to eat clean. You are going to feel amazing once the three days (or however long you cleanse) is up. Try not to have any big parties planned or events where you are going to be tempted to eat foods that aren’t clean. You can get so many more benefits from the cleanse if you keep up the healthy routine.



The Skincare Bible – or at Least Mine

Let’s talk skincare, shall we?

I am slightly obsessed with obtaining perfect skin. Growing up, I never took care of my skin and I wouldn’t wash my face let alone put on sunscreen. When I turned 22, I mentioned to a co-worker that I would typically wash my face once a day. She just about fell over. Needless to say, she sat me down and explained to me why skincare was so important. I really took her advice to heart and started making little adjustments to my skincare “routine.” I started with washing my face every morning and night and putting on a basic moisturizer. Fast forward five years later; I have really changed up my routine. I am now fascinated with skincare and my skin is SO much healthier now that I actually take care of it.

The 10 Commandments for Skincare:

1. Wash your face every morning and night:
I already mentioned this, but it made one of the biggest changes to my skin. Going to bed with makeup, dirt, bacteria, etc. every night will lead to massive breakouts. I was always so frustrated with my “acne” when in reality I just treated my skin poorly.
2. Use makeup wipes before washing:
If I am wearing makeup, I always use one or two makeup wipes to get all the makeup I can off my face before I wash it. Simply washing alone can leave residue on your skin. I know this, because when I used toner I could see remnants of foundation on my cotton pad even after washing. Makeup wipes are a huge help!
3. Don’t wear makeup everyday:
Speaking of makeup: I don’t wear it on a daily basis. Your skin needs to be able to breathe. A friend once told me that her goal was to have such clear skin that she didn’t need to wear makeup. That is something I really strive for. If I have to wear foundation or concealer to work, I know I have not been taking care of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I wear it on weekends, for special events, and if my skin is being hormonal – I wear it. Makeup is awesome; I just don’t want to have to wear it.
4. Find a good cleanser for your skin:
My skin’s oil level fluctuates. If I am working out a lot, it tends to be a little oily. Typically it’s on the drier side. If my skin is dry I use a basic cleanser like Cetaphil. Cetaphil is dermatologist approved and is really affordable. If your skin is normal to oily, find a good exfoliator. I love Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Facial Cleanser. I have been able to use it every morning and night without dying out my skin. It leaves my skin smooth and glowing.
5. Toner:
Toner is another great tool. I love using it after I wash my face because it acts as an exfoliator and makes my skin feel smooth. I really like Kate Somervile’s Clarifying Treatment Toner.
6. Serum AM/PM:
I use one serum in the morning before my moisturizer and another at night. Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum is great every day because it leaves my skin feeling smooth with a slightly matte finish. Kiehl’s just came out with a serum designed specifically for your skin. You go in for a fifteen minute skin consultation and they make it in front of you. I use mine at night since it has retinol, and so far I love it. The serum leaves my skin glowy by the morning.
7. Find the right moisturizer:
I use moisturizer every morning and night. I bounce around with them (because I’m insanely fickle) but I am currently using Kate Sommervile’s Oil Free Moisturizer and love it. I can use it both morning and night and it gives my skin a great dewy finish. Make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin. If you have oily skin, try to research a light moisturizer so that you are not increasing your oil production. My biggest piece of advice is to read reviews of products you are interested in before you buy them.
8. Pillow Cases:
This may seem completely unnecessary, but you need to be aware how quickly you change your pillow cases around. I bought one from Skin Laundry and absolutely love it. It helps reduce the presence of blemish-causing bacteria to maintain cleaner skin while you sleep. I try to change my pillow case every few days. If you have bacteria on your pillow it’s going to give you breakouts.
9. Water Intake:
I won’t go overboard on this one since we all know the importance of water, but drink your water! My skin looks a million times better when I am hydrated. I drink at least 64 ounces a day and when I don’t, my skin reflects it.
10. Drink Your Tea:
I am not sponsored by Your Tea, but I should be! Your Tea is one of the best brands I have found for beauty. It cleanses your liver and makes your skin clear. It also helps you lose weight, detox, etc. It’s amazing and will definitely help your skin.

Products I love:
1. Gentle Cleanser – Cetaphil – Gentle Cleanser
2. Exfoliating Cleanser – Kiehls – Rare Earth Deep Pore  – Exfoliating Cleanser
3. Toner – Kate Somerville – Clarifying Treatment Toner
4. Day Serum – Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum – Day Serum
5. Night Serum – Kiehls – go in stores for your consultation – Personalized Serum
6. Morning/Night Moisturizer – Kate Somerville – Oil Free Moisturizer – Moisturizer
7. Pillow Case – Skin Laundry – Sleepcycle Pillowcase Silver Ion Technology – Pillowcase
8. Your Tea – Try them all but Skin Tea & Tiny Tea are especially great for skin – Your Tea
9. Sunscreen – Supergoop


I know this is kind of information overload, but there are so many things you can do for your skin. Simply eating a healthy diet will dramatically change you skin. I didn’t list sunscreen, but if you are not wearing it on a daily basis you should start doing so. Do one thing on this list and try it for a week. I love learning new things about skincare, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!



The CAMP in Costa Mesa

I spent last weekend at the CAMP and had forgotten how much I love it there. It is full of great shopping, fabulous restaurants, and good nightlife. I went in the morning and grabbed a coffee and did a little shopping. I also love going for dinner and drinks at Mesa or grabbing a burger at Umami Burger. Here are a few of my favorite places:

Great spots to dine:

  • Native Foods
  • Umami Burger
  • Taco Asylum
  • East Borough

Best shopping:

  • Active
  • Organic Designs by Aggelige – amazing succulents and cacti
  • Purre
  • SEED People’s Market


  • Mesa – delicious drinks and food!
  • Wine Lab – go for the happy hour
  • Ecco

Other recommended spots:

  • B Hot Yoga – if you’re feeling healthy and ready to detox
  • Lollipop Nails – healthy and non-toxic manicures and pedicures!
  • The Retreat Salon
  • Milk & Honey














Balboa Island Feels

Try going  to Balboa Island on a Saturday or Sunday morning and walk around. Grab a coffee, do some window shopping, and take in the sights. Balboa is a sweet little beach community that has the most welcoming and friendly vibes. If you know me, you understand that I’m really into vibes. The shops are adorable, the weather is usually perfect, and everyone has a smile on their face. I personally love shopping at:

  • Crush on Balboa
  • Etc Etc Etc.
  • Fresh Produce
  • Heavenly Couture
  • Tango Rose

There are also great food options/restaurants:

  • Juice Crafters
  • Sugar ‘n’ Spice
  • Wilma’s Patio
  • Ciao
  • Trattoria Mediterranean Cuisine

Have you been to Balboa Island? If so, what is your favorite thing to do?












Yves Saint Laurent: Welcome to the Wardrobe

Since I got this YSL bag, it hasn’t left my arm. If I could have one in every color I would. This look is essentially what I wear on a daily basis. Black skinnies, booties, a leather jacket, and a good bag is basically what I live in. What is your go-to outfit?







Jacket: ‘Easy Rider’ Faux Leather Moto Jacket – Nordstrom – ON SALE!

Top: Madwell Central Shirt – Shopbop

Jeans: 710 Super Skinny Jeans – Levi

Purse: Quilted YSL – Saint Laurent

Booties: Dolce Vita Spur Cutout Studded Nubuck Booties – Saks Off 5th – ON SALE!

Necklace: Lucky Layered Necklace – Lucky Brand

Newport Beach – Lido Marine Village

If you have not been to Lido Marine Village in Newport Beach – go check it out! I went a few weeks ago and had a really nice time exploring the shops and restaurants. Not many people have discovered it yet, so it wasn’t too crowed which is an added bonus. It’s the perfect location to go shopping with the girls and then have a nice glass of wine and unwind.

A few noteworthy shops were:

  • Aesop
  • Jenni Kayne
  • Planet Blue (!!!)
  • Velvet
  • Warby Parker
  • Serena & Lily

Definitely grab lunch at Zinque and have a glass of wine. The restaurant looks off on the harbor and has a gorgeous view. More restaurants are entering in the next few months as well.






Outfit Details:

If you have been before, where are your favorite spots?



Costa Mesa Vibes

It must have been something about February 1 coming around, but it dawned on me I needed to wear my over the knee boots before summer came along and I had to pack them away. I love a mini skirt with a good pair of over the knee boots.











Wind & Waves

Last Saturday was spent in beautiful Laguna Beach. Laguna is a great destination any time of the year. If you go, definitely eat at Urth Café, check out Heisler Park, and walk around Forest Avenue to check out the shops. Laguna has one of the most iconic beaches and the town is absolutely beautiful.





702a2372Laguna Attractions:

Aside from Laguna being a beautiful destination year-round, it is known for the Pageant of the Masters and Sawdust Festival which are a lot of fun. The Pageant of the Masters is typically from July 7 – August 31 and “consists of 90 minutes of “living pictures” accompanied by a professional narrator, an orchestra, and period songs by professional vocalists. It hosts more than a quarter million people each year.[“

The Sawdust Festival is from June 30-September 3 and is a massive art show that hosts local Laguna artists. You can buy anything from jewelry to blown glass to sculptures to paintings. It’s a wonderful way to shop small and local. The festival is one of my must-sees during the summer.






Have you ever been to Laguna? If so, where are your favorite spots?