Wind & Waves

Last Saturday was spent in beautiful Laguna Beach. Laguna is a great destination any time of the year. If you go, definitely eat at Urth Café, check out Heisler Park, and walk around Forest Avenue to check out the shops. Laguna has one of the most iconic beaches and the town is absolutely beautiful.





702a2372Laguna Attractions:

Aside from Laguna being a beautiful destination year-round, it is known for the Pageant of the Masters and Sawdust Festival which are a lot of fun. The Pageant of the Masters is typically from July 7 – August 31 and “consists of 90 minutes of “living pictures” accompanied by a professional narrator, an orchestra, and period songs by professional vocalists. It hosts more than a quarter million people each year.[“

The Sawdust Festival is from June 30-September 3 and is a massive art show that hosts local Laguna artists. You can buy anything from jewelry to blown glass to sculptures to paintings. It’s a wonderful way to shop small and local. The festival is one of my must-sees during the summer.






Have you ever been to Laguna? If so, where are your favorite spots?



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