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The Skincare Bible – or at Least Mine

Let’s talk skincare, shall we?

I am slightly obsessed with obtaining perfect skin. Growing up, I never took care of my skin and I wouldn’t wash my face let alone put on sunscreen. When I turned 22, I mentioned to a co-worker that I would typically wash my face once a day. She just about fell over. Needless to say, she sat me down and explained to me why skincare was so important. I really took her advice to heart and started making little adjustments to my skincare “routine.” I started with washing my face every morning and night and putting on a basic moisturizer. Fast forward five years later; I have really changed up my routine. I am now fascinated with skincare and my skin is SO much healthier now that I actually take care of it.

The 10 Commandments for Skincare:

1. Wash your face every morning and night:
I already mentioned this, but it made one of the biggest changes to my skin. Going to bed with makeup, dirt, bacteria, etc. every night will lead to massive breakouts. I was always so frustrated with my “acne” when in reality I just treated my skin poorly.
2. Use makeup wipes before washing:
If I am wearing makeup, I always use one or two makeup wipes to get all the makeup I can off my face before I wash it. Simply washing alone can leave residue on your skin. I know this, because when I used toner I could see remnants of foundation on my cotton pad even after washing. Makeup wipes are a huge help!
3. Don’t wear makeup everyday:
Speaking of makeup: I don’t wear it on a daily basis. Your skin needs to be able to breathe. A friend once told me that her goal was to have such clear skin that she didn’t need to wear makeup. That is something I really strive for. If I have to wear foundation or concealer to work, I know I have not been taking care of my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I wear it on weekends, for special events, and if my skin is being hormonal – I wear it. Makeup is awesome; I just don’t want to have to wear it.
4. Find a good cleanser for your skin:
My skin’s oil level fluctuates. If I am working out a lot, it tends to be a little oily. Typically it’s on the drier side. If my skin is dry I use a basic cleanser like Cetaphil. Cetaphil is dermatologist approved and is really affordable. If your skin is normal to oily, find a good exfoliator. I love Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Facial Cleanser. I have been able to use it every morning and night without dying out my skin. It leaves my skin smooth and glowing.
5. Toner:
Toner is another great tool. I love using it after I wash my face because it acts as an exfoliator and makes my skin feel smooth. I really like Kate Somervile’s Clarifying Treatment Toner.
6. Serum AM/PM:
I use one serum in the morning before my moisturizer and another at night. Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+R Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum is great every day because it leaves my skin feeling smooth with a slightly matte finish. Kiehl’s just came out with a serum designed specifically for your skin. You go in for a fifteen minute skin consultation and they make it in front of you. I use mine at night since it has retinol, and so far I love it. The serum leaves my skin glowy by the morning.
7. Find the right moisturizer:
I use moisturizer every morning and night. I bounce around with them (because I’m insanely fickle) but I am currently using Kate Sommervile’s Oil Free Moisturizer and love it. I can use it both morning and night and it gives my skin a great dewy finish. Make sure you are using the right moisturizer for your skin. If you have oily skin, try to research a light moisturizer so that you are not increasing your oil production. My biggest piece of advice is to read reviews of products you are interested in before you buy them.
8. Pillow Cases:
This may seem completely unnecessary, but you need to be aware how quickly you change your pillow cases around. I bought one from Skin Laundry and absolutely love it. It helps reduce the presence of blemish-causing bacteria to maintain cleaner skin while you sleep. I try to change my pillow case every few days. If you have bacteria on your pillow it’s going to give you breakouts.
9. Water Intake:
I won’t go overboard on this one since we all know the importance of water, but drink your water! My skin looks a million times better when I am hydrated. I drink at least 64 ounces a day and when I don’t, my skin reflects it.
10. Drink Your Tea:
I am not sponsored by Your Tea, but I should be! Your Tea is one of the best brands I have found for beauty. It cleanses your liver and makes your skin clear. It also helps you lose weight, detox, etc. It’s amazing and will definitely help your skin.

Products I love:
1. Gentle Cleanser – Cetaphil – Gentle Cleanser
2. Exfoliating Cleanser – Kiehls – Rare Earth Deep Pore  – Exfoliating Cleanser
3. Toner – Kate Somerville – Clarifying Treatment Toner
4. Day Serum – Estee Lauder Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum – Day Serum
5. Night Serum – Kiehls – go in stores for your consultation – Personalized Serum
6. Morning/Night Moisturizer – Kate Somerville – Oil Free Moisturizer – Moisturizer
7. Pillow Case – Skin Laundry – Sleepcycle Pillowcase Silver Ion Technology – Pillowcase
8. Your Tea – Try them all but Skin Tea & Tiny Tea are especially great for skin – Your Tea
9. Sunscreen – Supergoop


I know this is kind of information overload, but there are so many things you can do for your skin. Simply eating a healthy diet will dramatically change you skin. I didn’t list sunscreen, but if you are not wearing it on a daily basis you should start doing so. Do one thing on this list and try it for a week. I love learning new things about skincare, so if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them!



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  • Reply
    April 17, 2017 at 3:15 am

    Wow, this was a great post! I have struggled with skin issues for the last 10 years. While it has improved significantly, I still get those annoying breakouts. This was a great read!

    • Reply
      April 17, 2017 at 3:18 am

      Thank you so much! It’s crazy what a process skincare can be. The smallest changes can make the biggest differences. Thank you for the kind words!

  • Reply
    April 20, 2017 at 12:58 am

    *As I immediately run to the bathroom to wipe my face with a cleansing cloth*
    Definitely wish I started taking care of my skincare earlier; now I’m obsessed with all things skin!

    • Reply
      April 20, 2017 at 2:22 am

      Tell me about it! Haha I am so glad I finally started taking care of my skin. I went way too long not doing it. It’s crazy how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference.

  • Reply
    Karen Viramontes
    April 20, 2017 at 1:38 am

    Great tips! Thanks

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