Goal Setting – the Month of May

The first of the month is always a nice reminder to start fresh. I recently read a post from a fellow blogger who listed her goals for the month. I thought sharing goals on your blog was a great way to stay accountable. Typically, I write positive affirmations in a journal – i.e. things I am grateful for, how much money I want in my bank account, future goals, etc. I look at them once a week to remind myself what is important to me. The law of attraction is such an amazing force and really does work. Focusing on what you want to happen, writing it down, and revisiting the goals frequently make a huge difference. I liked the idea of simply focusing on this month’s goals and writing everything on the blog and not just in my notebook. I kept them really specific so that they were measurable. As my business law professor said in college: you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Here are my five goals for the month:

1. Post seven blog posts – I liked this number because it keeps me consistently posting throughout the month but it assures good quality posts. My goal for the year was to create 50 posts so this helps me reach that number.

2. Read three books – I am currently reading the Silent Wife and can barely put it down. Reading keeps me from staring at my phone or the television the second I get home. It settles my mind before I fall asleep and improves my quality of sleep. Three books should be quite doable.

3. Exercise three times a week – while I think this is a pretty conservative goal, I know it is going to be hard for me. I have not had the motivation to work out recently and I need to snap out of it. I work out at Equinox and I spend too much money on the membership not to consistently go. Three times a week at minimum is a must.

4. Eat more greens – I used to be really good about making a spinach smoothie for breakfast or dinner. I would throw two cups in the blender with a banana, ice, and coconut water and I felt amazing! My skin was glowing, my energy was high, and it really helped my immune system. My objective is to drink a green smoothie as a meal replacement three times a week.

5. Pay off all my credit cards – I have had so many expenses lately that my credit card balances have been higher than usual. It happens, sometimes trips come up or you need to pay for unexpected bills, but it has been subconsciously giving me a lot of anxiety. My goal this month is to live within my means and not put anything more on my credit cards until they are paid off in full.

Overall, I feel really good about these five goals. If I can do each of these things I know I will be really proud of myself and closer to my long term goals. Do you have any goals that you are working towards? Do you think breaking them into smaller goals will make them more manageable? Please let me know if you have any tips or advice regarding the goals I mentioned above.




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