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The Ultimate Vegas Bachelorette Survival Kit

This past weekend 11 girls and I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party. It was 48 hours of non-stop fun and I can’t believe it is already over. We did pool parties all day and clubs all night. I hadn’t been to Vegas in about two years for a wedding and I forgot how much I love being there. Since I live in Orange County the flight is only about 40 minutes so it is really easy to go for the weekend. I won $400 playing craps and had the best set up at all the clubs and pool parties (thanks, Elena). Since I knew we were going to be partying nonstop, as it is so typical with every Vegas trip,  I put together a “survival” checklist before I went and am sharing with you because we all know how hard it is to come out alive after 48 hours in Sin City. If I didn’t use everything I took, I definitely shared them with the other girls.

Pharmacy-related items:
1. Advil / pain reliever
2. Hand sanitizer
3. Alka Seltzer
4. Peptol Bismol
5. Tums
6. Emergen-C/Airborne
7. Gum
8. Band Aids (specifically the ones designed for blisters)
9. Lint roller
10. Visine
11. Wet Ones
12. Safety pins
13. Stain remover wipes
14. Sewing kit
15. Razor
16. Q-tips

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Beauty-related items:
1. Makeup wipes/remover
2. Facial cleanser
3. Moisturizer
4. Hair ties
5. Bobby pins
6. Deodorant
7. Hair spray
8. Body lotion
9. Perfume
10. False lashes & glue
11. Curler/straightener

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Misc. items:
1. Foldable flats for purse –  Foldable Flats – let’s face it, when you’re in Vegas you walk a lot! I kept these in my purse and changed into them at the end of the night. I could walk back from the club without being in agony.
2. Speaker to play music (blue tooth preferred) – come on, it’s Vegas. You have to dance while you get ready!
3. Foot petals for your heelsFoot petals – these were really affordable and kept me feet from hurting me.
4. Eye mask – Sleeping Beauty Eye Mask– I loved this mask! It has a gel insert you can put in the refrigerator to cool for headaches or migraines. It was perfect for the room and helped me sleep like a baby – when I actually did sleep!
5. Ear plugs – these are a must if you are sharing a room.
When I first get to Vegas, I stop at the convenience store and purchase necessary items I know I will need. That way, I’m not tempted to eat/drink the overpriced snacks and beverages in the room.

Food/Beverage items to have on hand:
1. Pedia Lite or Gatorade
2. Water
3. Coconut water
4. Saltine crackers
5. KIND bars
6. Mixers of your choice

What are your must-haves for bachelorette parties or Vegas in general?



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