PS I Love You

Um, has anyone stayed at the Parker in Palm Springs?! Talk about the ultimate getaway. The Parker is an amazing hotel in Palm Springs that is officially my go-to hotel when in the area. It’s ultra chic and trendy, and a popular weekend celebrity hangout spot just outside LA. If you have never been to Palm Springs, I highly recommend staying at the Parker. It’s not cheap, so sign up for their email list to get promotional offers.















The Parker is great because every room has a different feel but the hotel itself has a great 50’s/60’s vibe.  If you decide to go, get breakfast at Norma’s (the eggs benedict and huevos rancheros were AMAZING), go lay out by the pool, and just relax! There are two pools: one that’s more family-oriented and one that’s more party-oriented. The bar is just steps away from the pool and their specialty drink is the muddled lemonade which is delicious.  You can also get lost throughout the grounds as the various gardens have little hideaways and lounges. There are fountains, fire pits, and so much to see and do. There are games scattered about as well such as life-size chess, ping pong, and crochet. I was unable to make it to Mr. Parker’s, but I heard the restaurant was really cool and the piano bar is always entertaining.

Have you been to the Parker before? If not, where are your favorite spots in Palm Springs?



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