All Saints – My Dream Jacket

This morning I went to SOCO Collection in Costa Mesa. It’s primarily a home decor shopping center but the center space has lots of cool shops, a Portola coffee (!), a farmer’s market, and some really cool restaurants. I had recently purchased a suede jacket from All Saints (majorly on sale!) and absolutely love it. The color is perfect and it reminds me of the white leather jacket with tassels that Lana Del Rey wore in the Ride music video. If you haven’t seen the music video and have no idea what I am talking about I highly recommend you watch it! I digress… back to the jacket and All Saints in general. All Saints is having the biggest sale and you should check it out. They are discounting clearance items another 20% off and if that’s not the deal of the century I don’t know what is. Also – Nordstrom Rack is having a huge sale as well. I picked up this choker, tee, and skinnies there this week.










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