Photography in Los Angeles: Part I – Venice Beach

When you have a three day weekend in Orange County, you have to go to Los Angeles to sneak in some photography. For those of you unfamiliar with Southern California geography,  Los Angeles is about thirty miles from Orange County. Getting to LA is a completely different story.  Traffic can be unbearable so if you plan to go shoot at some popular locations, set your alarm early! I was itching to head back to Venice Beach after a successful photography trip there a few months ago. Venice has tons of iconic shots and it truly is every blogger’s dream location. I’m not a fan of the boardwalk, but I wanted to get a good shot of the Venice sign before I headed to Abbott Kinney Boulevard.

Shooting the Venice sign:

Get there early. I can’t say it enough. We arrived around 8 AM and there were already cars driving throughout the intersection. It was really hard to get the iconic shot we wanted so I would recommend getting there around 7 AM to be able to get the perfect, uninterrupted shot.

Abbott Kinney Boulevard:

Abbott Kinney is a blast. You can see my other post here that goes into more detail. There is tons of street art, shopping, and amazing restaurants.













Where are your favorite spots in Venice Beach?



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