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Coola Skincare – How I Prevent Sun Damage on a Daily Basis

I would have to say that skincare products are my favorite thing to review. Makeup is great for enhancing natural beauty, but it really doesn’t do you justice if you don’t have a good canvas to work with. In my early twenties I really started paying attention to skincare and researching skincare techniques, asking my dermatologist millions of questions, and talking to women older than me to figure out the best routine.

When I was in high school until the point I was twenty-two I tanned in a tanning bed.  I can’t believe I took that risk and I am paying for it today. Nowadays you would never see me in a bed let alone laying out on the beach working on my tan. Due to the damage I caused my skin, not only do I have to get my skin checked yearly but I also have to focus on prevention on a daily basis.

I had used COOLA’s tinted moisturizer in the past (and was obsessed) so when the company agreed to send me some products to review I was ecstatic. Since all their products contain SPF, I knew it was a company that would be aligned with my skin prevention plan. Not only that, but COOLA’s products contain over 70% certified organic ingredients with vitamins and antioxidants. COOLA products are also free of parabens, paba, and phthalates. The more research I do about skincare, the more I read that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body.

I received five products from COOLA:

  1. Face SPF 30 Rosilliance BB+ Cream Golden
  2. Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Skinny Dip
  3. Classic SPF 30 Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer
  4. Face SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spray
  5. Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Moisturizer

Face SPF 30 Rosilliance BB+ Cream Golden – this product is hands down my favorite.  The rose scent is amazing and feels so fresh on my skin. It gives great coverage for daily wear. I don’t usually wear makeup during the week, but I find it hard not to use this product. It is lightweight and gives me a dewy and bronze glow.

Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Skinny Dip – I like this product, but I am not crazy about the color. It was a little more sheer than I anticipated, but I liked that it has SPF 30. I wear it whenever I am outside to make sure my lips stay protected from the sun. There are tons more shades so I am anxious to try them out.

Classic SPF Dawn Patrol Makeup Primer – this product is also something I wear any time I wear makeup. It is lightweight and my skin loves it. I know a product is clean when I can wear it and fall asleep in it without any breakouts. While I try to avoid this habit like the plague, I have done it a few times while wearing COOLA products and my skin doesn’t get irritated at all.

Face SPF 30 Setting Spray – this spray is awesome. The smell is amazing and it seals in my makeup without irritating my skin. Once you are done applying your makeup just spray a few pumps onto your skin and voila! You are ready to go about your day.

Sport SPF 30 Citrus Mimosa Moisturizer – I have never enjoyed wearing sunscreen because I think it smells weird and I hate being oily all day. However, this sunscreen smells amazing! While it is a little bit thicker of a consistency than I prefer, the smell alone makes me want to wear every single day. If you struggle with sunscreen because of the scent, this one is great to try.


Overall, the COOLA products were amazing. When you have a company that not only uses organic and natural ingredients but also offers age preventative capabilities – you know you are buying the right stuff. I can’t wait to try out more products – especially their sunless tan line and other Liplux colors. I really think they should consider organic deodorant as well because they would come out with some wonderful scents with organic ingredients. Have any of you tried COOLA before? What are your favorite products?




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