Secrets from a Dermatologist: How a Night out with Friends Gave me Hope for Perfect Skin

I’m a little crazy when it comes to skincare. When I say a little I really mean incredibly. Before I fall asleep at night I am pinning on Pinterest like a little fiend. I love learning about the best foods to eat for healthy skin, skin care tips, new products on the market, etc. What I also love is unbiased information from experts. I enjoy going to the dermatologist but can’t help but feel a little swayed by their ulterior motives.  Over the weekend a friend and I were out having drinks and she made friends with a dermatologist from LA. Continue reading “Secrets from a Dermatologist: How a Night out with Friends Gave me Hope for Perfect Skin”

Collagen Protein – My New Best Friend

I've heard a lot of positive things about collagen lately. It seems like every celebrity has endorsed it and raves about all its anti-aging benefits. I spent a lot of time researching collagen proteins and came across Dr. Kellyann's Slim Collagen Shake. I tried it for 21 days and fell in love. Each morning I make a shake with her grass fed protein powder and feel amazing. I have been eating low carb, so I love that the powder only has 2 net carbs per serving. Continue reading “Collagen Protein – My New Best Friend”

Surviving a Juice Cleanse – a Beginner’s Guide

Ah, the good ‘ol juice cleanse. Detoxing, losing water weight, clearing up your skin, why not do one, right? Aside from highly restricting your calorie intake and not eating for three days, juicing is awesome. I really mean it. I did the Nekter Juice Bar Advanced Three Day Cleanse and absolutely loved it! After day three I felt thinner, detoxed, five pounds lighter (actually 5.8 to be exact), and ready to keep eating healthy. Continue reading “Surviving a Juice Cleanse – a Beginner’s Guide”

The Skincare Bible – or at Least Mine

Let’s talk skincare, shall we?

I am slightly obsessed with obtaining perfect skin. Growing up, I never took care of my skin and I wouldn’t wash my face let alone put on sunscreen. When I turned 22, I mentioned to a co-worker that I would typically wash my face once a day. She just about fell over. Needless to say, she sat me down and explained to me why skincare was so important. Continue reading “The Skincare Bible – or at Least Mine”