All Saints – My Dream Jacket

This morning I went to SOCO Collection in Costa Mesa. It’s primarily a home decor shopping center but the center space has lots of cool shops, a Portola coffee (!), a farmer’s market, and some really cool restaurants. I had recently purchased a suede jacket from All Saints (majorly on sale!) and absolutely love it. The color is perfect and it reminds me of the white leather jacket with tassels that Lana Del Rey wore in the Ride music video. Continue reading “All Saints – My Dream Jacket”

All About that Rooftop Life

Boston rooftops are the absolute best. I just got back from the east coast and went to Boston for the first time. Boston is such a beautiful and CLEAN city. I could not get over how clean and green everything was. The food was phenomenal and they have such amazing history to discover. Continue reading “All About that Rooftop Life”

Among the Wildflowers

Last weekend I went to the flower fields in Carlsbad. Talk about a great photo opportunity! The fields are beautiful and seem to go on forever.  If you live in Orange County and haven’t been before, grab your camera and go check it out. Tons of people were there taking photos so it’s definitely fun to do with your friends and family. Continue reading “Among the Wildflowers”

Capitola Jewels Travels: Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is an awesome city with great night life, shopping, and tons of free stuff to do.

I took a trip during President’s Day Weekend which left me with three full vacation days in a new city. I had been once before when I was in middle school, but had no idea what to expect as an adult. I loved D.C. and can’t imagine anyone not enjoying the city. Continue reading “Capitola Jewels Travels: Washington D.C.”

The CAMP in Costa Mesa

I spent last weekend at the CAMP and had forgotten how much I love it there. It is full of great shopping, fabulous restaurants, and good nightlife. I went in the morning and grabbed a coffee and did a little shopping. I also love going for dinner and drinks at Mesa or grabbing a burger at Umami Burger. Continue reading “The CAMP in Costa Mesa”

Balboa Island Feels

Try going  to Balboa Island on a Saturday or Sunday morning and walk around. Grab a coffee, do some window shopping, and take in the sights. Balboa is a sweet little beach community that has the most welcoming and friendly vibes. If you know me, you understand that I’m really into vibes. Continue reading “Balboa Island Feels”

Abbot Kinney Boulevard – a Blogger’s Haven

A few weeks ago, I decided to drive up to LA for some photography. I scoured forums, blogs, Instagram, and Pinterest until I finally came across the mecca of photography in LA: Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Abbot Kinney is not only remarkable because of it’s adorable shops and restaurants, but also for its street art. It truly is a bloggers dream to shoot here. Continue reading “Abbot Kinney Boulevard – a Blogger’s Haven”

Melrose Place (Not the TV Show)

Looking for something fun to do on a Saturday in LA? Do you like shopping? Do you like coffee or tea? Do you like looking at pretty people? Well, this is the place for you. Try grabbing a coffee on Melrose Avenue and walking up and down the street. The coffee and tea shops are adorable and the stores are amazing. It seemed like every part of the neighborhood was picture perfect, lined with beautiful people from all over. Just last weekend, Nick Jonas Continue reading “Melrose Place (Not the TV Show)”

Portland Travels

For New Years,  I decided to go to the Pacific North West as I did last year to Seattle, WA. There is something so tranquil about the PNW that sets off the year just right. Ever since I went to Europe last summer, I have been on a mission to see as much of the United States as I can. The country is so diverse and there are so many beautiful states to see. I traveled to Portland with @RightEyeImagery (boyfriend and photographer) on a four day excursion filled with photography, hikes, INCREDIBLE food, and of course, drinks. Continue reading “Portland Travels”